Alearia is played by one of the trusted friends of Ironcat, despite being an NPC. Alearia is both a scripted and natural player. She is responsible for moderator duties as well as roleplay events.

Alearia's character is heavily influenced by her real-life counterpart.

Overview Edit

Alearia is the youngest daughter of Lucius and Elaina, as well as the younger sister of the goddess Lilith. She is notorious for her enthusiastic behavior and terrible moral standards. She has become a very light-hearted yet ill-mannered character in present day Achaea. She serves as an instigator of conflict, and close companion. She is usually responsible for mischief alongside Slicksand.

The Calamity Edit

Alearia was the ground zero of the Calamity. She was manipulated by her father and subsequently possessed by Bal Guran. The demon then used her to cause mass catastrophe throughout the world, slaughtering millions of innocent people. The damage was only amplified when Lilith got involved, causing more mass death and destruction. As time passed, Bal Guran's hold on the goddess strengthened. The chaos was ended by Lucius, who promptly locked away the two sisters.

The Heaven's Dilemma Edit

As this is a character page, all information on this story arc is not shown, for more information on The Heaven's Dilemma, go here.

Alearia Edit

She was the primary antagonist of the initial conflict in Achaea, as the bonds of her prison deteriorated over time. She attempted to destroy her sister's sword, tried to kill multiple Heroes, and tricked everyone into releasing her.

Her servant, Marcus, killed Cyrus during his stay in Capital Rylinth. He also assisted the goddess by tricking the Heroes they were reviving her sister.

After her release, she stirred trouble through invasions and skirmishes until the showdown at her ruined temple. The Heroes fought valiantly, before the demonic horns controlling her were damaged. She broke down crying, before being swept away by Lucius.

Lilith Edit

After a tearful reunion with her sister, Alearia and Lilith lived comfortably in Rylinth, before Lilith began acting extremely suspicious. It was discovered that Lilith had fallen to Bal Guran's corruption, and attempted to repossess her sister. In order to prevent a second Calamity, the Heroes squared off against Lilith as Alearia frantically resisted. The battle ended, and Lilith vanished for over a month.

Wilhelm Edit

Like her sister, Alearia was not present during the Wilhelm fight. She awoke to the carnage that remained post-confrontation, and congratulated the Heroes on "doing their job" and hoped that the murder of Wilhelm was "in her name."

Lucius & Bal Guran Edit

Alearia was directly involved with the fight against Lucius, and provided moral support as well as healing during the battle. Her powers were used against her and the Heroes, as the possessed Lucius had some control over their actions. Despite this, she fought valiantly until her death as a result of the battle.

She was revived as a result of the pact between Cyrus and the Void Leviathan.