Augustus is an NPC character, and has no impact on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Augustus Imperus is the leader of the Five Legendary Heroes of Achaea, and the first recorded champion of Lilith. His combat skills were unrivaled, and his name is cherished in all corners of the world. He was never a formal part of the Heroes Guild, however he is regarded as one of the--if not the--greatest hero to have ever lived.

Augustus was the original legendary hero, recruiting other skilled individuals to join is fight against the corrupt goddess Alearia. Over the following year, he made four life-long friends and became the champion of Lilith, and subsequently the wielder of Aurora Lucem.

Through scattered tales and his own writings, Augustus is portrayed as a loyal and honest man, who did anything to protect his companions and country.

He led the way to the battle against Alearia, and throughout the bloodshed and catastrophe, he was the last one to fall.

More information regarding the Five Legendary Heroes and Augustus' past has yet to be uncovered.