Bal Guran is an NPC character, and has no impact on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Bal Guran was one of the seven Arch-Demons of Achaea. He rules the Second Hell, and is the manifestation of guilt & regret.

Bal Guran is an amalgamation of tar and various oils. He is formless, and rarely stays in his natural state. Many different weapons are coated in the thick sludge, lodged within the pool of viscous fluid. The blades, bows, and other weapons are trophies of Bal Guran's malevolence. He is responsible for hundreds of suicides, and the swords stuck within the demon are the weapons that have killed their owners.

Bal Guran is the most hated in the demon hierarchy due to his mischief and manipulation. Bal Guran has no respect for others as a result of his suicide-inducing behavior, and is notorious for his interference with the original divine family.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

The Calamity Edit

Bal Guran is infamous for his involvement with the Divine family, as well as being the underlying cause of the Calamity. Bal Guran proposed to Lucius that he could control the unruly daughter Alearia. Lucius agreed, and Bal Guran promptly possessed the young goddess through a cursed pair of horns. During the chaos that followed, Lucius slowly became more self loathing, feeling the guilt of his actions. Because of this, Lucius was susceptible to Bal Guran's influence. Before any action could be taken, Lucius sealed both his daughters and himself in their respective temples, retroactively preventing the Calamity from coming to fruition.

Nevershire fell to Balkite as a result of the actions of Anselm, a corrupted mage who governed the mountain keep. Anselm was fueled by malevolence, but eventually fell victim to the influence of Bal Guran. It is speculated that Anselm had committed suicide as a result, but there is evidence that he may still be alive.

The Heaven's Dilemma Edit

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Lucius & Bal Guran Edit

When the heroes began releasing the Goddesses, Lucius--under affect of Bal Guran--was incredibly hostile and caused a series of conflicts. All the while, a part of Bal Guran had planted himself in Rylinth under the guise of Demongodjr. When the heroes finally confronted Lucius, Bal Guran revealed himself. When Lucius sustained mortal injury from the battle that followed, Bal Guran combatted the heroes himself, and promptly left after a mocking lecture on morals. He has not been seen since.