Erina is played by resident artist Besa, who is responsible for most of the server's artwork and other fan creations. She is also responsible for the character portraits seen on this very wiki.

She is one of the key contributors to the roleplay's content and overall flow, advising Ironcat during content creation.

Besa was appointed the official "Art Director" by Ironcat.

Overview Edit

Erina Litwin is one of the--if not the only--surviving members of the Litwin family. Due to her heritage, she is of fair skin and fiery hair; which compliments her adept ability in fire-based magic. She was found in the spring time, alone and badly injured. Erina was abducted as a child, which was one the reason she survived the massacre of her bloodline.

She was adopted by King Cyrus of Rylinth, and has slowly adjusted to life in the modern world. She is extremely coy and bashful, but does her best to help others. During most conflicts, she stays in the back line doing her best to keep the rest of the group alive with her healing spells, instead of engaging directly in combat.

Her adoption by the royal family is extremely coincidental, due to the fact that her step sister Lucila was made using the remains of Ava Litwin, her first cousin.

She is a devout follower of Alearia, whom she shares strong ties with despite the goddess' reputation in regards to the Litwin bloodline.

She owns a bookstore named "Dragon Tales" in Capital Rylinth.

Involvement in Crises Edit

Lucius & Bal Guran: Edit

Since Erina was recently found, she has not had the opportunity to witness most of the crises that have occurred in Achaea since her disappearance. However, she was tragedy stricken when she became involved with the Heaven's Dilemma. During the course of her adventures with the heroes, Erina has gotten hold of many elaborate spells that aid her--and her companions--on the battlefield. During the conflict with Lucius, she provided support with her healing spells and occasional toe-to-toe combat. She fell many times on the battlefield, but managed to endure for the duration of the fight. Almost half of her deaths were a result of friendly-fire from Coolcat and Slicksand.

She hastily ran into the sanctum several minutes after the heroes had engaged the rogue god due to her oversleeping the day of the expedition.