Kira is an NPC character, and has no affect on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Kula-Kira is a humanoid demon creature, with the body of a human female but characteristics of a digitigrade. She is covered in bandages, save for her left eye. Her arms are predominantly formless, consisting solely of loose bandage wrappings. Interaction has revealed that the bandages are maleable, and Kira has conscious control over what form they take. She is mute, and communicates through Universal Sign Language.

Kira is extremely timid and skittish, although docile until provoked. She has a potent affinity for valuables, which she hordes in a large pile deep within a forest cavern. She is not attracted to "shiny things," rather she steals things observed to be "valuable" to people. Family heirlooms, jewelry, etc. Her obsession with valuables and tendency to steal implies she may be the demon of lies, ishonesty, and thievery; paired with her immense strength, all indicators point to her being the Arch-Demon of the Third Hell.

She has explained a strong attachment to the demon Belial, as well as a close "friend" who has an association with Salt. She apparently holds the ability to travel between any hells she chooses, and has made "peace" with other Arch-Demons.

Influence on Achaea Edit

Kira resides in a small clearing within an unnamed forest in the northern regions of Achaea. She has a large stone cave, filled to the brim with a variety of valuable items and materials. A landmark of this hideaway would be the abnormally large dark oak tree, filled with a variety of story books and other valuables. Kira has shown an interest in folk-lore and stories written about her, hoarding a small collection of stories near her sleeping quarters. Based on the tales, Kira would frequently visit surrounding villages and towns, stealing as many things as she could. She has become a manifestation of "naughty behavior," used to deter children from misbehaving. Most stories usually include some form of punishment, whether it be Kira stealing naughty children or destroying the village.

Although possible, the chance of these stories being true is slim. Kira's behavior conflicts dramatically with the fictional depiction, as well as her vehement denial of any demonic association on her behalf.

Kira has remained passive to the Heroes, aside from the occasional theft. She acts as a diplomat to Achaea's other demons, as well as a travelling companion.