Malreos is an NPC character, and has no affect on community affairs outside of the story

Overview Edit

Malreos is one of the seven Arch-Demons of Achaea. It rules the fourth hell, and is the manifestation of Fear, Isolation, and Anxiety.

Malreos has been reported to be extremely large serpent-like Leviathan, and has some strong connection with the material salt. The beast is mentioned many times in regards to seafaring and is accredited with the formation of the Salt Enclave.

This particular demon has the most hard documentation out of all seven, surpassing Kira and her folk-lore as well as the record of Belial's invasion of Nevershire. Most accounts of the beast's activity come from sailors and other naval bases such as Fort Pendleton. It seems to target people who are frequently isolated or those who have weak will. Many discovered victims are small groups, and wrecked ships; people who spend long periods of time away from civilization.

The one most thorough documentation of [REDACTED] capabilities is the journal of William Craude, who was the lighthouse keeper on the cliffs of the Salt Enclave. The diary starts with Craude's easy-going and seemingly normal first days on the island, however it slowly devolves in to quiet calls for help and detailed writings of severe hallucinations.

"Help me, Somebody. It's dark. I am out of oil. I am low on food as well, the water tastes like salt and so does the bread...
...There is no food. There is no water. There are no people. There is only salt. Salt, and me."
The demon's current whereabouts are unknown. The only recorded contemporary interaction comes from Erina, during her brief visit to the enclave with Kira.

Influence on Achaea Edit

Malreos has heavy influence on sea-based activities in Achaea, and is speculated to reside somewhere in the Aldraic oceans due to the unexplained Salt Enclave. The demon focuses on sailors and those lost at sea, and many sunken ships have not been recovered by their respective nations.

The fourth hell has been reported to be a dark ocean abyss, although no entry point has been found.

Unlike Kira's prominence in folk-lore and oral tradition, the salt demon is recognized as a very real and supernatural threat in the ocean-roaming world. It is mentioned by many in the books of Fort Pendleton, and is speculated to be the white whale of Port Cecil.

Unlike all the other known Achaean demons, Malreos does not have a name mentioned in any document, photograph, or other historical fragments of information. It has been learned that this is because he does not believe lesser mortals should ever speak his name.