Managomus is an NPC character, and has no impact on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Managomus is one of the seven Arch-demons of Achaea. He rules the first hell, known as the "Nether." He is the manifestation of all things hateful and rage-inducing.

Managomus is nothing more than a white-hot ball of molten metal and Petrichor, with a Basalt mask fused to the front. The mask is capable of speech, and serves as both Managomus' line of communication as well as method of attacking. He lacks any appendages, however he does not need them for he never leaves the lava pool in which he resides. His mask has a smaller face in the center of the forehead, which acts independently from Managomus. The smaller entity has been dubbed Minigomus.

Although Managomus is the lowest demon in the hierarchy, he holds himself higher than most demons. He was a frequent subject of bullying from Nelente, Belial, and most notably Kira.

He holds respect for no one and despises being talked to. Whenever he is contacted, he tries his hardest to end any and all conversations as soon as possible.

The Curse Edit

For most of Achaean history, Managomus has been inactive. He has been unprovoked, and never infiltrated the Overworld. However, conflict arose over the absence of his mask decor, Spite Gems. It was revealed to the heroes that the Spite gems were taken by Kira years ago, and that he has not seen them since. He demanded that the heroes return them if they happen to find them.

The gems were found in Kira's hideout, as expected.

Kookyboy9 attempted to blackmail Managomus by taunting him with the location of the gems, but only offered to retrieve them in Managomus shared knowledge of demonic spells. Managomus--disgusted by the attempt--gave Kooky and ultimatum. Retrieve the gems within three days, or suffer an everlasting curse of fire and death. Kooky refused.

After three days, Kooky began to burn. Further provoking Managomus, while the rest of the heroes devised a course of action. Soon, chaos erupted and Managomus inflicted the curse upon everyone, due to Kooky's incessant annoyance.

The crisis ended when Caine Ruthledge stole the gems from under Kira's nose, and promptly returned them. Relationships with Managomus have been on edge since, and Kookyboy9 has a permanent mark on his reputation.