Marcus is an NPC character, and has no impact on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Marcus Servus was the first introduced NPC in the story, and was the first quest-giver in the very first conflict. He served as a guide, and served as an antagonist during the final chapters of the Alearia conflict.

Marcus was a masked demon follower of Alearia, disguised as an elderly man who had convinced Cyrus that he was an old friend, and had plans to stop the looming threat of "Symbols," the imprisoned death goddess.

The Heaven's Dilemma Edit

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Alearia Edit

Not long after being "saved" from a village that had become overcome with taint, Marcus was responsible for killing Cyrus while the king slept. This was part of Alearia's plan to eradicate the Heroes without protection from another god.

The Heroes escorted Marcus throughout Achaea, recovering the shattered soul fragments of Alearia, under the false pretense that she was the Goddess of Life capable of defeating Symbols.

Once the soul was repaired, Alearia slowly escaped from her confines as Marcus engaged the Heroes in combat. He was given Kul-Zatharu Yugammak, sword of Alearia's champion. Despite this, Marcus was slain after the goddess abandoned him at the temple.

One of his defining features was the amulet around his neck, which appeared to hold great power. However, the amulet destroyed soon after Alearia had escaped her prison. The rest of Marcus disintegrated following his death, as his mortal body was nothing more than a disguise for a lesser demon.

Postmortem Impact Edit

Marcus' origin is unknown, and he has been forgotten since his death. However, he remains an important part of history as the first known wielder of Kul-Zatharu Yugammak, being rivaled only by the speculation of Ezrael.