Reth is one of the few very active participants of the roleplay, attending most events. He is involved in the community outside of the server, and has become a member of the inner circles.

Little is known about his character's background.

Overview Edit

Rethuic is--from the looks of it--a human male. He has fair skin and black hair, wearing all-too-casual clothing for most situations he finds himself in. His left eye has been replaced by an eldritch device for reasons unknown. No one knows where he came from, why he came, or what he does in his free time.

Rethuic has an affinity for experimentation, and repeatedly tries to get his hands on most whimsical objects that the heroes come across. He currently wields Balefire, a heavily modified blade forged by human hands.

He is a devout follower of the goddess Alearia, and often times sings her praises to his companions.

Involvement in Crises Edit


Though he had only recently arrived, Rethuic was swiftly infected with Balkite like Coolcat. Due to how he didn't have any decent weaponry or armor, he wasn't able to infect any other victims with the crystal. When the time came, he went to Nevershire with the other heroes and was able to resist the control of Belial enough to fight with what little gear he had. Eventually, Rethuic was cured of Balkite by Lilith, using a special crystal called Cerecite.


Though never really having any conflict with Wilhelm, Rethuic did meet him on the same trip with Coolcat. He talked with Wilhelm every so often and didn't think much of Wilhelm's death when he heard about it.

Lucius and Bal Guran:

Having previously encountered Lucius by speaking to people possessed by him, willingly or not, Rethuic did not particularly like him. After the battle at the Sanctum and after King Ironcat took Lucius's soul, Rethuic killed Lucius with Balefire, previously called Blackfyre. Rethuic also helped fight the Archdemon Bal Guran along with the other heroes. Eventually, while exploring, he found Bal Guran's suicide forest and claimed a cursed bow made from the skeleton remains of suicide victims.