Sentinel (or, "sentenal01") is one of the older players on the server, with ties back to the days of Everend. He was around for the initial founding of the Legion, and is currently the co-owner of Regia. Despite the majority of his player career being as a participant, he has recently began working on his own roleplay events and side-quests with the help of Ironcat and Slicksand.

Overview Edit

Sentinel is a native Everendian, who joined the crew in the world-shift to Achaea. He is known to keep to himself, and to pursue large and impractical projects which consume most of his time.

He has a fondness for Runic shielding, which he believes can be exploited to imitate immortality through impenetrable magic barriers.

He is engaged to Zila Cinis, whom he shares ownership of Regia with.

He is the current wielder of Aurora Lucem, the sword of Lilith, which he won in a duel.

Pre-Achaea Edit

Sentinel was an Everendian, and associated himself with the Legion. His ambition and knack for massive projects made him a valuable asset for the Legion, before the inevitable Fall of Everend. Once in Achaea, the Legion began to dissipate, and Sentinel founded his own separate faction along with Zila.

Involvement in Crises Edit