Wilhelm is an NPC character, and has no affect on community affairs outside of the story.

Overview Edit

Wilhelm Litwin is a minor antagonist encountered in the Litwin side-story during The Heaven's Dilemma arc. He was discovered by a small band of Heroes at the request of Scarlet. Wilhelm lived alone in his Manor, south east of the Rylinth capital. He was a Tinkerer, toiling away at a variety of mechanisms to make his life completely automated. It was revealed that Wilhelm lived past the age of 100 due to the modifications made to his own body.

He was initially very hospitable, offering food and drinks to his guests. He was introduced to Rylinth, and was fascinated by the technological achievements in the city, most notably the AI Scarlet, and P.H.I.L After several one-to-one meetings with Cyrus, Wilhelm began studying the AIs.

It was discovered that Wilhelm was a former Litwin mage, one of the few surviving members of the Litwin family. He abandoned his relatives in Emberwood to work on his true calling, which was rejected by the mages. Following this revolution, Wilhelm and Ava were reunited as the last of their heritage.

The Heaven's Dilemma Edit

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Wilhelm Edit

Following another meeting with Cyrus, Wilhelm and Ava began work on a project. They ceased communication for over a month, before only Wilhelm returned. Ava had died.

After this, the secret project was revealed to be the second iteration of Lucila, which was commissioned by Cyrus. The new AI was given to Rylinth at the price of many mechanical resources.

After even more months, Lucila began acting peculiar. She held Wilhelm on a pedestal, as an ideal authority figure. It was speculated whether or not the chassis of Lucila was organic. And if so, whether or not she made from Ava.

On January 15th, Wilhelm revealed his great work to be an enormous tank, which he would use to conquer Capital Rylinth under the pretense that the land was rightfully Litwin property. Ava was the original heir, but he had murdered her to steal the inheritance. Lucila was revealed to be made from Ava's corpse, and served as Wilhelm's automated assistant.

Following a hectic rumble between Heroes and the machine, Wilhelm was killed by Shammer, who stabbed him repeatedly. Lucila was promptly deactivated and operated on by Cyrus.

Postmortem Impact Edit

Lucila is still a prominent member of Rylinthian society, and identifies as one of the adopted children of Cyrus. the tank remains in the Eastern fields outside of the city, slowly decaying. It is overgrown with vegetation, as a result of Lilith.

Wilhelm is still known for his betrayal to the Litwin family, and the Heroes. His manor still stands empty, save for the mindless machines still ticking away inside.